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Construction cost 120 WoodMini.png
Function Allows construction of various objects

The workbench is used to create a number of objects in Take the Halls be careful where you place them as enemies can use them too.


Image Item Name Use
Lantern animation.gif Lantern Sheds light
BucketIcon.png Bucket Fill with water to douse fires.
Sponge.png Sponge Absorbs a finite amount of water
Boulder.png Boulder Drop from heights to crush your foes
Trampoline.png Trampoline Use to give your team a boost!
Crate.png Crate Store items (or people) inside
Drill.png Drill Builders can use to gather mats faster, as a weapon or to break down walls
Saw.png Saw can be used in traps, or to gather wood
DinghyMini.png Dinghy Fast Sea Travel