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Used by Builder
Pickup Builder: Auto
Everyone: Manual pickup
Produced Log.png (Builder Only)

Wood is one of the main resources in the game. It can be gathered from trees by builders, or can be picked up at the tent in Capture the Flag or a hall in Take the Halls , Wood is used to build certain blocks, including wooden platforms, ladders and team door blocks. It can also be used to build wood blocks and wooden back wall, weaker versions of the Stone Blocks. Wood is used to create workshops or factories in CTF or TTH.

Wood is gathered by builders by chopping down a tree, then hitting the logs that come from the fallen tree. Alternatively, the logs can be thrown into a saw for quicker wood gathering. The tree will regrow if it drops a seed on a dirt block.

Wood can be dropped as an item, and will automatically drop onto the floor if a builder gathering wood cannot carry any more. (The maximum amount that can be carried in the inventory is 2000 wood--500 wood in each slot.) Any class can pick up and store the dropped wood in their inventory, even using it to buy objects from workshops or workbenches, but only the builder can use it as a building resource.