Knight Shop

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This page might not be up-to-date (build 1830).
Knight Shop
Construction cost 50 WoodMini.png
Upgraded from Workshop
Function Buy Explosives

The Knight Shop is one of several types of workshops available in the Capture the Flag game mode. Any class can purchase Bombs, Kegs, and Water Bombs, from the shop the shop, although only knights can use them. The workshop can also be used to switch to the knight class. At this shop there are four different explosives available to purchase using coins. A player can carry a maximum of 4 bombs in his or her inventory at once, however, it is possible to drop bombs for other team members and purchase additional bombs. Another option, is to hold a 4 bombs in your inventory and 1 in your hand. In this situation you can run to the front, drop the bomb in your hand, light the bomb in your backpack, and use it. The bomb you dropped on the floor will be automatically picked up.

How to build and use

Stand in front of an empty workshop and press and hold the [E] key , then choose the 'Knight Shop'.

To purchase an item, press [E], and select the item you wish to buy. If the the object you want does not appear (in full color), you do not have enough coins to buy that item. You can check the prices of the items at the shop by mousing over the selections.

Types of Explosives

Image Item Name Use Price
Bomb 16px.png Bomb Bomb Jump and Kill Enemies 25 Coin 16px.png
Waterbomb.png Water Bomb Stun Enemies and Stop Fires 30 Coin 16px.png
Mine.png Mine Blow up Unsuspecting Players 60 Coin 16px.png
Keg.png Keg Destroy Castles 120 Coin 16px.png