Water Bomb

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Water Bomb
Production cost 30 Coin 16px.png

Damage done 3 second stun
Used by Knights
Pickup Knight: Automatic pickup
Produced KnightShop.png (CTF)

WaterAmmoFactory.png (TTH)

Function Stun/Fire extinguisher

The water bomb is one of the four projectiles available to knights in King Arthur's Gold. It is produced from a factory in Take the Halls, and bought from a knight shop in Capture the Flag.

Once produced, any class can pick up a water bomb by pressing [C], however it can only be lit by a knight. For this reason, knights automatically pick up dropped water bombs by walking over them unless their inventory is full. A knight can hold four water bombs at one time in its inventory and hold a fifth, if necessary, in its hand. A knight may use these bombs by pressing [Space] to ignite, and [Space] again to throw the bomb at its target. If the bomb is not thrown within six seconds the bomb will self-inflict damage, in this case a stun to the user.

Water Bomb Tactics

Water Stun

The most basic use of water bombs. Once thrown into a target it will stun all the individuals within its circular range for three seconds. This allows team mates and the user easy kills if timed correctly.

Water Stun

Fire Extinguisher

The water bomb can also be used as the builders aid. A useful knight can save a building on the edge of inferno or an ill fated teammate who has been hit by a fire arrow.

"Lloviendo de Muerte"

One of the most dangerous uses of water bombs for skilled individuals. This involves the use of a water bomb to launch a keg into a swarm of enemies or a tower. It is not often used as it can easily back fire.


  • A water bomb that explodes in a player's inventory will instantly kill them.
  • A water bomb can be set off by explosives and can be popped by an arrow.
  • The water bomb can be caught with [C] and thrown back.