Water Ammo Factory

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This page might not be up-to-date (build 921).
Water Ammo Factory
Cost 100 GoldItemMini.png
Scroll WaterAmmoScroll.png
Upgraded from Factory
Function Creates Water Bombs/Arrows

The water ammo factory is one of several types of buildings a player can upgrade an empty factory into. The successful upgrading of this factory will generate a sound cue, and automatically start creating water bombs/arrows. However, each water ammo factory can only create three water bombs and six water arrows untill they are used. Once used by your team, another bomb or set of water arrows will be produced by your factory.

How to Build and Use

To build a water ammo factory, place an empty workshop layout, hold [E] and select the picture with the water arrow and bomb. If the picture is greyed out, you have not researched this factory. You can research this factory by buying it as a scroll at the trading post, and applying it on your hall or attempt to change the path on the technology tree.

The factory will continually produce water weapons automatically untill it is destroyed or the migrant is killed.

Factory Product

Image Item Name Use
Waterbomb.png Water Bomb Stun Close Enemies; Stop Fire Spread
Waterarrow.png Water Arrow Stun Distant Enemies; Stop Fire Spread