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This page might not be up-to-date (build 281).
Used by Builder
Pickup Builder: Auto
Everyone: Manual pickup
Produced Goldnugget 16px.png

Gold is one of the objects in the game. It is gathered by mining Gold Nuggets. Both the builder and the knight can mine Gold Nuggets. Any class can carry gold at a time, but only the builder picks it up automatically, archers and knights must manually pick it up using the pickup key (default: C).

Gold is currently only used in the construction of vehicle shops,boat shops, and tunnels. It was the main objective in the Gold Hunt game mode.


  • Securing gold as soon as possible can lead to a significant advantage for one team as it allows for the construction of Tunnels, Vehicle Shops, and [[Boat Shop]s. Purchasing Ballistas from the subsequent shop can then move the spawn closer to the enemy, while siege can be used to quickly wear down the enemy. Also, you can utilize Tunnels for quick travel towards the enemy.
  • Gold never despawns, or slowly disappears, when out of the inventory.
  • Gold can be harmed by falling blocks and will be destroyed if caught in a collapse.

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