Stone Block

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This page might not be up-to-date (build 371).
Stone Block
Stoneblock1.png Stoneblock2.png Stoneblock3.png Stoneblock4.png Stoneblock5.png Stoneblock6.png
Cost per block 10 RockItemMini.png
Breaking yields 7 RockItemMini.png (1 per hit)
Repair cost 5 RockItemMini.png
Hits to break 7 hits

The Stone block is one of the main castle building blocks constructed by builders from stone. Aside from Bedrock, it is the most durable block in the game and as such it provides excellent defense and stability. Keep in mind that Stone Blocks are affected by gravity just like anything else, and can deal a great lot of damage if they land on a player as result of a structure collapse.

While Knights can't break Stone blocks with their swords, they can use Bombs, Kegs, or Mines to break or damage the block. Also, Archers can break Stone blocks with Bomb Arrows.