Fire Arrow

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Fire Arrow
Production cost 2 for 30 Coin 16px.png
Hits to break Cannot be broken but the item despawns.
Used by Archers
Pickup Archer: Auto pickup
Produced ArcherShop.png (CTF)

PyrotechnicsFactory.png (TTH)

The fire arrows is used by archers to light structures and enemies on fire.


To use, as archer, hold [F] and select the fire arrow icon. Then hold [LMB] until you have the needed charge and shoot at your target.


  • Fire can spread across [Back Wood Wall|wooden backwall] but not stone backwall. Blocks like wooden platforms and wooden doors can always be set on fire but will not spread across all the other wooden blocks if they have stone backwall behind them.
  • Fire arrows take alittle while to set something on fire so a builder can convert the wood block to stone if they are quick enough, or they can add stone backwall to things.