Wood Block

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Wood Block
WoodenWall1.png WoodenWall2.png WoodenWall3.png WoodenWall4.png WoodenWall5.png WoodenWall6.png
Cost per block 10 WoodMini.png
Breaking yields 5 WoodMini.png (1 per hit)
Repair cost 10 WoodMini.png
Hits to break 5 hits

The wooden wall is a block that can be used to make make buildings and block pathways with a very low material cost. Unfortunately, they are also rather weak. They are just as effective as stone blocks for killing enemies with collapses. Keep in mind though, that builders as well as knights can break wood blocks. Wood blocks cost 5 wood, but this can be adjusted using the builder_blocks.cfg in the /Rules folder.


  • If you are constructing a tower you can put wood in the center to save time and materials and just use stone as the edges of the tower.
  • Wood blocks are good for blocking tunnels and doors because of their low material requirements (neglecting the fact that they can be destroyed by knights).
  • If you are constructing a castle you can make a wooden floor to save stone.
  • You can build a tower out of wooden blocks and then upgrade them to stone for 10 stone mats.
  • Fire spreads across wooden blocks and backwall so make sure to have "wood breaks". Also fire arrows take a little while to spread flame so you can convert a wood block to stone in order to stave off fire.