Zombies (KAG Classic)

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This page is about an obsolete element of the game.
Information below might not be relevant in the latest game version.

Zombies are the enemy in the (as of yet) unimplemented game mode, "Zombie Fortress". They come out at night to attack the survivors in large hordes. Zombies crave human brains and flesh, and will do anything they can to get the survivors, such as teaming up in hordes to overwhelm them. They often climb upon each other to get over high walls or into tall towers. However, some zombies live in randomly generated dungeons or underground expanses. The underground zombies usually spawn out of an altar instead of the map boundaries.

Zombie Varieties

These are the currently documented undead species.There are other zombie types, such as bison [1], that have to be modded into the KAG base files before appearance during a game.


The weakest and easiest to defeat. Toward the beginning of the game, this is the most common variation. One jab from a knight or half-charged arrow from an archer will take out a skeleton, and they can be killed in large groups very easily.

Basic Zombie

These gray-colored zombies have a little more muscle mass than skeletons and are tougher to kill. When downed, players must attack its body until it is destroyed, or else it resurrects and continues on as if nothing had happened. Fallen comrades and migrants will also become zombies if their bodies are not disposed of.


With an exaggerated torso and exposed ribcage, these zombies can swiftly float around the map. When aggravated, they catch fire, and then get very close to a nearby surface or entity and explode with the approximate power of a keg. This usually opens up a weak point for the other zombies to enter through and kill the humans inside. However, the explosion usually eliminates all zombies within a certain range, possibly giving a player time to fortify or rebuild the damaged spot. The wraith does not attempt to avoid killing other zombies, and even targets them on occasion. Wraiths are vulnerable to arrows: A single medium-charged arrow can kill a wraith.

Zombie Knight

This strain, resembling a large bipedal crocodile, is the most powerful of all. It is able to kill enemies with ease, rapidly swinging the deadly blade it drags about. It can break through most placed blocks, including stone, without the aid of a wraith. One of the only blocks that it can't break is gold bullion. In addition to its great strength, the zombie knight is also the toughest in taking damage. It can take immense damage from swords, explosives, arrows and collapsing blocks. Even then, the body must be further damaged to prevent it from resurrecting.


This curiously named gargoyle does not actively attack players, but will fly around, waiting for a prey. When aggravated, it will pounce on someone and carry him to great heights, before dropping him to his death. When carried by a Greg, knights and builders can continue to attack the Greg while in its grasp. Each attack will knock the gargoyle back, bringing you closer to the ground. Pressing the use key (default [E]) can momentarily release you from the Greg, most of the time, however, it can immediately pick you back up. A greg is also able to carry zombies if it doesn't find other prey. "Flying" Zombie Knights are a great risk.

Other zombies

There are some other zombies that are not in-game by default, but can be modded in. These include the zombie chicken, bison, and zombie arm.
Chicken.png Bisonsmall.png ZombieArm.png

Zombie Behavior

As the undead begin to amass, they often display similar tendencies. Zombies are attracted to light-producing objects. This includes lanterns, as well as lit bombs and kegs. This effective because a keg or bomb can be thrown into a large horde, and they will all be drawn to it and be caught in the explosion. If a zombie reaches a lantern or keg, it will begin to attack it. Three hits will destroy either one, but the latter will result in an explosion. Zombies will also attack workshops, doors and trees.

Skeletons and basic zombies can usually climb up straight walls by themselves. However, if there is an obstacle, they will show a slight ability to cooperate in order to overcome it. They will line up at an appropriate point and begin to stack on top of each other, forming an undead ladder onto which more of them can climb. When the Zombies muster up to a huge group, they likely to kill each other.

When zombies begin to fill up a small area, some may become aggravated and attack blindly, often injuring neighboring undead. Zombie knights are the most destructive in this manner, often clearing out crowds of weaker zombies in a violent rage. Wraiths will target any source of movement or light, including other undead. This can help a survivor who is dealing with large mobs. Gregs can also target zombies and skeletons if no humans are located, lifting them up a bit before depositing them behind fortifications. In this way, they aid the rest of the undead, serving as transports.