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This page might not be up-to-date (build 1830).
Lantern animation.gif
Production cost 10 WoodMini.png
Hits to break 12
Used by Everyone
Pickup Everyone: Manual pickup
Produced BuilderShop.png (CTF)

Workbench.png (TTH)

Function Can be carried or set down to produce light at night or in dark caves
[Space] to turn on/off

Lanterns are one of the few items in King Arthur's Gold designed to produce light.

When carried, they illuminate all blocks within the light radius (default radius is 10 blocks). The light permeates through all blocks, so the light reaches underground and through walls. Lanterns can be bought for 10 wood at a builder shop in CTF or at a workbench in TTH.

You can carry a lantern in your hand or in your inventory. The lighting is the same for either. While holding it, pressing [C] will throw the lantern. To turn the lantern on/off, press [Space].

Lanterns can be destroyed by knights or builders, and they are also susceptible to explosions, collapses, and falling a great distance.


  • If a lantern touches water, it automatically extinguishes. This can be prevented by keeping the lantern in your inventory.
  • Pressing [Space] while a lantern is in your inventory will automatically bring it out of the inventory, as well as turning it on/off.
  • After a lantern is thrown, anybody from either team can pick it up, and enemies can destroy it.
  • Massing lanterns does not make the light radius larger, although it does make the light more intense in the radius they cover.
  • Putting more lanterns in your backpack will make the radius brighter
  • Bombs and kegs produce some light for a few seconds when lit but have a lower radius than a lantern.
  • A lantern can be loaded onto a catapult.
  • Some modded servers offer lanterns of different color, size, or radius. These lanterns are often found at different prices.