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This page might not be up-to-date (build 921).
Breaking yields 6-8 Log.png (depends on height)
Hits to break 12 hits

Trees are one of the natural blocks of the game. Trees are grown by saplings in dirt, and will grow until a determined height or chopped down. If a sapling is placed over a non-dirt block, it will not grow. Trees can have backwall built upon them to either make cutting wood easier or making an archer post.

Archers can use trees to their advantage. They can climb trees, using [W] and [D] to climb up and down, much like ladders. They also can grapple to them using the [Right Mouse Button]. However, if any part of the tree becomes damaged or broken, any archers climbing the tree will fall down.

A builder can right-click any part of a tree to chop it down. To collect wood faster, it can buy a saw from the builder shop and create a tree farm.

A knight can left-click any part of a tree to break it, but no resources are given for doing so. This can be used to knock enemy archers out of trees, however.


  • An archer can conceal them in the leafy top of a tree when nobody's looking. The archer becomes almost completely covered by the tree, allowing him to be unnoticed by enemies.
  • Dealing with an invisible archer? Find the direction their arrows are coming from, the use the mouse to scan the treetops. If your mouse hovers over them and you're within short range, their name will appear over their head.
  • Buy a Sawmill and create a tree-farm by placing a block on both sides of the tree and placing a saw under the two blocks.
  • Occasionally, leaves will form close to the base of the tree. This can conceal grounded units like knights or builders.
  • Knights can carry more saplings in their inventory than builders.