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This page might not be up-to-date (build 1830).

Construction cost 150 WoodMini.png
Function Generic workshop base

The Workshop is the basic frame for constructing other shops.


In order to build a new shop this frame must be placed in a 3x5 area and on at least 1 solid block. A successful construction will be signified by a "pinging" like sound. Otherwise, a red outline will appear showing the blocks or items that prevent the construction. After completing this workshop, it can be upgraded into several different types of specialized shops. These empty workshops and specialized shops are then usable by players of both teams to purchase items, travel, or heal.


  • A workshop is destroyed by a keg but not the backwall behind it.
  • The workshop will collapse if it has no backwall behind it.
  • The workshop can catch fire but will not break unless all of its backwall burns.