Stone Door

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Stone Door
Cost per block 50RockItemMini.png
Breaking yields 25(5 per hit)RockItemMini.png
Hits to break 5 hits

Stone doors are blocks that only teammates can walk through.


Stone doors will open automatically for everyone on your team, while staying closed for the opposing team, thereby granting a tactical advantage. Their main use is to protect your base and the flag. Since Stone are relatively resilient they are a viable defense for your buildings. There are two different types of doors, Stone Doors and Wooden Doors. Knights can damage Wooden Doors with their slashes and builders can damage both kinds with their hammer.


  • You only need one Stone door to stop the enemy from slashing through your entrance/exit.
  • Enemies can pass through doors if a team member stands in them or dies while inside them.
  • Enemies can "put" bodies into your doors and when you walk through them the doors will be propped open.
  • Team Doors are very weak against Bomb Arrows.
  • Stone doors are very strong against knights
  • Team Doors are often placed against a wall so team-mates can climb up them. This is viable because it is another layer the enemy has to deal with.
  • An advantage to stone doors is that they do not decay in water and give you a breathing bubble.