Gold Nugget

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This page might not be up-to-date (build 844).
Gold Nugget
Goldrockblock1.png Goldrockblock2.png Goldrockblock3.png Goldrockblock4.png Goldrockblock5.png Goldrockblock6.png
Breaking yields 20 GoldItemMini.png (4 per hit)
Hits to break 5 hits

The Gold Nugget is one of the natural blocks of the game and can be mined for gold by builders. It is brown/gold in color and shines as you walk. Like any other natural block, the gold nugget takes damage from explosives but cannot be broken by it.

In CTF, gold is collected to construct boats, siege engines, or tunnels. Items such as longboats and warboats, or ballistas and catapults are purchased at shops that require gold to be created. The Ballista is special, in that, it can be upgraded to explosives bolts by using 100 gold at the Vehicle Shop.

In the TTH game mode, builders mine gold to buy scrolls, in order to build factories which weren't researched, or to pay for extra migrants.


Gold Nugget