Trap Block

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Trap Block
Cost per block 25 RockItemMini.png
Breaking yields 10 RockItemMini.png
Repair cost Cannot be repaired
Hits to break 10 hits

A solid block for teammates that enemies phase through.


The block is used to create traps that enemies fall into but your teammates can walk on.


  • Enemy builders trap blocks as free stone doors, so be careful and make sure to have strong traps.
  • Some players use them as a step to get over walls.
  • This block functions like stone and wood blocks, in that, anything it surrounds is darkened. Trap blocks only work this way when they have stone back wall behind them.
  • Trap blocks can get held open, or de-activated, by objects or dead bodies.
  • Trap blocks take damage from fire arrows but the damage is minimal.