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Vehicles are machines which players can control to move from one place to another, whether by land, sea, or air.

Some vehicles are designed mainly for battle, such as the catapult or ballista, while others are more useful just as a means of travel, such as the longboat or dinghy.

Image Item Name Use Price
DinghyMini.png Dinghy Fast Sea Travel 100 WoodMini.png+ 30Coin 16px.png
LongboatMini.png Longboat Fast Mobile Ship 200 WoodMini.png+ 50Coin 16px.png
WarboatMini.png Warboat Large Defensive Ship and Alternate Spawn 250Coin 16px.png
CatapultMini.png Catapult Ride-able Siege Vehicle 80Coin 16px.png
BallistaMini.png Ballista Expensive Siege Vehicle or Spawn Point 200Coin 16px.png