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This page might not be up-to-date (build 939).
Production cost 75 Coin 16px.png
Slots 6 Rowers
Breaking yields Nothing
Hits to break 30 hits
Produced BoatShop.png (CTF)

LongboatFactory.png (TTH)

Function Holding [E]:
Boat Compartment

The longboat is a fairly large transport boat that can be used to assault the opposing team's base via water. It features six rideable seats available for players to sit in, with each player contributing to the overall speed of the boat. While the first five players row and the last controls the sail, other players have the ability to freely stand on the boat and fire arrows, throw bombs, and charge slashes, all while the boat is moving.

The longboat shares the ability with the warboat of mounting a siege weapon, such as a catapult or a ballista on it. However, unlike the warboat or dinghy, the longboat is much faster. It can ram through non-natural blocks with ease, and crush players. However, with this great speed, the longboat lacks proper protection from flying bombs/arrows. This makes those rowers as easy targets for the enemy archers, bombs, and mounted bows.


The longboat features a boat compartment (12x5 spaces) for storing resources. The compartment is accessible with [E].

To attach a catapult, or ballista to a longboat, stand on top of the boat and hold down [E] on the crate of the weapon you want attached to the boat and select on the menu 'Unpack (Weapon Name)'. Don't move and let the loading bar complete and your weapon will be attached. Alternatively, you can attach the weapon simply by driving it on top of the longboat. This is not always successful, however. To detach a weapon, hold down [E] and select 'Pack into Crate' You will be unable to pack the crate if it is being used or people are inside of it.


  • Longboats are ideal for quick rushes, since they move at incredible speeds if all the rowing slots are used.
  • While moving at top speed, longboats will do heavy damage to all enemy players and structures.
  • If a longboat has been damaged so that the sail is broken, the last seat no longer affects the speed.
  • As with other boats, a longboat will begin to sink once it has taken enough damage.