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This page might not be up-to-date (build 921).
Production cost 250 WoodMini.png + 130 Coin 16px.png
Slots 6 Rowers, 1 Gunner (if Siege Weapon is attached)
Breaking yields 360 Coin 16px.png (2 per hit)
Hits to break 180 hits
Produced BoatShop.png (CTF)

WarboatFactory.png (TTH)

Function Mobile Spawn Point
Holding [E]:
Boat Compartment, Change Class

The warboat, is one of the three boats available in KAG. It is produced from a factory in Take the Halls, and bought from a boat shop in Capture the Flag.

Once produced, it will appear as a convenient crate that can be deployed into the water by unpacking it. Once it has been deployed, it can not be repackaged into a crate. The warboat has six slots for rowers, and can have siege weapons attached to it, which can be used to destroy a castle offshore. If any seats are available, you can take the spot by pressing [S] at the opening. Once you are in one of these positions, you are protected from projectiles at the front of the boat, but not at the back.

Like all other vehicles, warboats can be captured by the enemy or destroyed by bombs, arrows, and other deadly projectiles. The capturing process will not begin until no players of the team are near the boat. Unlike the longboat, the warboat can serve as a secondary base where you can spawn from, and switch classes at, which can give you an edge in a long bloody battle. You can spawn at a warboat that is in the process of being captured. There is a small period of invincibility after spawning, but you can still be stunned.


While inside a warboat, there are two options (revealed by holding [E]): 'Change Class' to the right, and 'Boat Compartment' to the left.

The compartment has 12x6 spaces, the largest storage space of any vehicle or object in KAG (apart from a hall). The compartment is easily accessible with [E].

To attach a catapult, or ballista to a warboat, stand on top of the boat and hold down [E] on the crate of the weapon you want attached to the boat and select on the menu 'Unpack (Weapon Name)'. Don't move and let the loading bar complete and your weapon will be attached. Alternatively, you can attach the weapon simply by driving it on top of the warboat. This is not always successful, however. To detach a weapon, hold down [E] and select 'Pack into Crate' You will be unable to pack the crate if it is being used or people are inside of it.


  • Warboats need at least two rowers in order to be turned. (Varies with lag)
  • There is ladder at the rear of the ship to make climbing onto it easier.
  • Siege weapons can be devastating on a ship with the right crew.
  • The warboat is the slowest of the water transportation, but it is the most protective.
  • Archers are able to fire through the "walls" of a warboat of their own team, so you should stand at the front of the boat, where you can shoot out but enemy archers can't shoot in.
  • Boats are not flammable.