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Production cost 100 WoodMini.png (CTF), 150 WoodMini.png (TTH)
Slots 2 Rowers
Breaking yields Nothing
Hits to break 20 hits
Produced BoatShop.png (CTF)

Workbench.png (TTH)

Function Holding [E]:
Boat Compartment

The Dinghy is a small boat for transportation across water. A Dinghy has two slots for rowing, but as with all boats, more players can ride on top of the boat just by standing on top of it.

Dinghies are the cheapest vehicles, and do not require any research in Take the Halls. Generally, Dinghies are most useful as a cheap mode of transportation for Archers and Builders across water that contains Sharks. Knights have a much easier time avoiding Sharks in the water, so Dinghies are not as important for them.

Unlike any other vehicle, Dinghies are light enough to be picked up with [C], in order to move them from one body of water to the next. As a result, Dinghies can be thrown or dropped on top of enemies to deal damage in a manner similar to Boulders.

Like the Warboat and Longboat, a Dinghy has a boat compartment (6x5 spaces), accessible with [E].