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Life: Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png
Type: Melee

The knight is a melee warrior, that uses a sword and shield to defeat enemies, while protecting himself and others from harm. Equipped with bombs, or any explosives, the knight can be a terrifying enemy.

  • [Left click] - Fight with the sword. Click once to jab. Jabs can stun the enemy for a short duration. However,if the jab hits enemy's shield then the attacking player will receive a significantly large stun. For a more powerful attack, click and hold to charge. Knights are very slow while charging and cannot jump very high. If you release the mouse button after charging you will perform a slash, and if you continue charging you can reach a second charge level, releasing the mouse will result in a slash, but tapping the mouse quickly after will result in a double-slash. Continuing to charge after this will stun the knight and will reset the charge
  • [Right click] - Defend with the shield. Change the shield direction by moving the mouse cursor. It will block sword jabs, builders' pickaxes, all damage from arrows, and all damage from bomb blasts. Enemies can't pass through the shield, but the Knight moves slightly slower and can't jump when he is using his shield. By holding his shield up while midair, the knight can also float gently for a while. Teammates can also step on his upward-facing shield for a jumping boost.
  • [Space] - Perform Action. Use the space bar to light bombs, water bombs, or to light a keg if one is held. Press spacebar again to throw the lit explosive.
  • [F] - Tap to swap explosive types quickly, or hold to open the inventory.


Knight Slash

The sword is used by left-clicking. Short clicks will result in light, quick jabs that deal one heart of damage, but can be blocked by shields. These jabs can stun the enemy for a short duration. Holding down the left mouse button will ready a charge attack, although while charging the Knight is vulnerable and cannot use its shield. Releasing after a second will cause the Knight to perform a slash, dealing two hearts of damage and breaking enemy shields. If the mouse button is held down for a few seconds longer, a silver spark will appear, signifying a double slash is ready. Releasing and clicking twice in quick succession will cause the Knight to slash twice, each strike dealing two hearts of damage and, again, breaking shields. If timed correctly, you can kill an undefended enemy straight away. However, holding the mouse button down for too long causes the Knight to suddenly stop charging and stun themselves, leaving them vulnerable to attack.Jabbing and slashing can destroy blocks, including but not limited to wooden doors and dirt. The Knight wields a sword to wreak havoc on hapless foes.


Bombs can be thrown by Knights by pressing the [Space] key. They can be bought at knight shops for 20 coins in most modes or looted from other players. Bombs destroy blocks in every direction and are very deadly, instantly dealing 1.5 to 3 hearts of damage in its range except blocking Knights and allies.

Any class can pick up lit bombs by pressing the pickup [C], and throw them back again by pressing either [Space] or [C]. When an enemy bomb is picked up, it is now owned by the player. That means that it won't be harmful to allies, but to enemies, and any kill will be awarded to him instead of the enemy.

It is also possible to perform a very big jump with a bomb aptly named the bomb jump. You basically hold onto the bomb until the counter is near the end and then jump with your shield towards the blast. It is also possible to double bomb jump, using a second bomb right after the first.

All classes can carry a maximum of 4 bombs at once, if they have enough inventory space.


Kegs are an explosive object that has the power to destroy towers or to kill a mob of players.

Once lit, a keg will kill anyone within its radius of five blocks after a fuse of 6 seconds. With a keg you you are a very dangerous person, so make sure you are with some other people to support you.

Archers can shoot the keg off your back, regardless if it is lit or not. Knights can also jab or slash a keg off of your back. It is possible to do a bomb jump with a keg, and while harder to do, it's possible to do multibomb keg jumps by spamming bombs at the floor to create a chain. If you think you are able to throw a bomb at the floor and then have one in your hands for later and still keg though, you're wrong. As you cannot hold a keg and a bomb in your hand at the same time. Kegs can be looted & bought from a Knight Shop for 120 coins.


Mines are explosive objects that take a few seconds to be armed before they will be triggered. Mines cause instant death when stepped on but do not have as much blast radius as kegs

Once thrown from player's inventory they are vulnerable, enemies can grab the mine for themselves if they can grab it before the activation it is deactivated swapping it to their team's control.

Knights can destroy mines safely, taking 32 jabs, alternatively slashes can be used to push the mine away without destroying it but be carefull! Archers can shoot enemies mines once armed, and builders are especially effective taking them out with a few hits from the pick-axe.

Mines held in player's inventories are released and activated on death, so watch out!

Item reference

Image Item Name Acquired From Price
Bomb.png Bomb Knight Shop 25 Coin 16px.png
Waterbomb.png Water Bomb Knight Shop 30 Coin 16px.png
Mine.png Mine Knight Shop 60 Coin 16px.png
Keg.png Keg Knight Shop 120 Coin 16px.png


The shield is the Knight's secondary skill. You can use your shield by holding down the right mouse button. Moving your shield in different directions involves moving your mouse in the corresponding direction. Your shield is used as a defense from damage, however your shield has many uses:

  • Deflecting arrows and bombs
  • Protecting yourself from the Archer's arrows, Builder's Pickaxe, and a Knight's jab
  • Bomb jumping
  • Stomping (Jump off a ledge and move your shield below your player to inflict damage on the enemy you land on.)
  • Platform (Hold your shield upwards and team-mates can hop on your shield like a platform.)
  • Sliding (Hold your shield downwards for increased speed movement.)


Gameplay Tips

  • Knights are the most dangerous class in close combat, and can block arrows with their shield.
  • Knights are very effective underground in close confines where their shield can stop the advance of far superior numbers, and their bombs can be devastating.
  • When no ladder is available, Knights can use their shield to allow other players to hop over.
  • Use charged attacks to stun shielding enemy knights.
  • Use jabs to stun enemies who try to slash you.
  • Use a bomb to quickly pierce enemy defenses.
  • Press [C] to pick up lit bombs, and [Space] again to throw. Be careful as the timer keeps running and you can blow yourself up, though you could save your team from the blast!
  • You can make bombs go further by jumping and moving while throwing a bomb with [Space].
  • The Knight's shield "breaks" after being hit with a slash.
  • Skilled Knights have learned to use bombs to jump higher and overcome enemy defenses. Shield near a bomb to get thrown away. With practice you can control the way the bomb will throw you!
  • You can protect ally builders and archers with your shield from most enemy attacks.
  • A fully charged "triple shot" from an archer pierces a knight's shield if they are hit by it from 6 blocks away or closer.