Back Stone Wall

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This page might not be up-to-date (build 371).
Back Stone Wall
CastleBackblock1.png CastleBackblock2.png CastleBackblock3.png CastleBackblock4.png
Cost per block 2 RockItemMini.png
Breaking yields 0 RockItemMini.png
Repair cost 2 RockItemMini.png
Hits to break 5 hits

Back stone wall, also called stone back wall, is made of stone by builders. It is normally used to add integrity to a building, as it is a cheap way to add support to the blocks surrounding it without blocking movement at all. You can also build upon them similar to dirt back wall. It is often used to build gravity traps in combination with castle wall. Castle back wall stops light from entering in the same way as dirt back wall. If an enclosed structure is covered with castle back wall the inside cannot be seen by enemies on the outside.

How to build

Normally castle back wall is usually built behind fortifications to add integrity to the structure.It is usually not a good idea to build the support in-front of your tower because it will susceptible to to explosion from the front and a builder's rush.


  • Castle back wall, when added behind platforms and doors, make fire less able to spread.
  • A Bonus to Castle back wall is that it can be built over a ledge to spike-drop.
  • Castle back wall can be used to darken a closed off space. Examples include traps and the flag-room.