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This page might not be up-to-date (build 915).

Gameplay Basics

Here is a small controls guide that can also be found on the KAG Website.


Default Controls

These are the default controls for the game on a Windows computer. Keys in bold can be rebound to different keys in the settings menu.

Mouse Function
Left mouse button Action 1

Knight: Jab with the sword, hold to charge slash, destroy blocks/doors
Archer: Aim, click and hold, release to shoot
Builder: Build blocks and repair blocks
Fire catapult
Fire ballista

Right mouse button Action 2

Knight: Defend with the shield and shield bash. Archer: Shoots out a grappling hook, hold to latch onto blocks and trees
Builder: Cut down trees, mine resources, attack with pickaxe, break blocks

Mouse wheel up/down Zoom in/out

Zooming all the way out sets Aim Mode

Mouse cursor Aim
Key Function
A Move left
D Move right
W Jump

Climb a ladder (Archer can also climb trees)

S Crouch/Lay down

Go down a ladder

F Inventory

Knight: Select type of bomb
Archer: Select type of arrow
Builder: hold to select blocks to build

E Use

Change classes (at tent/workshop)
Build/buy from workshops
Enter Object Menu

C Drop and pick up items/objects
Q Emoticon Wheel

Tap for the first emote (Emote1.png) Hold to open the emoticon selection

Knight: Light/Throw bombs
M Minimap (if enabled)
Esc Settings menu

Hat/Gender customization
Clantag customization
Quit to menu
Start a vote
Team selection
Spectator mode

1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 Emotes (Emote1.png/Emote2.png/Emote3.png/Emote4.png/Emote5.png/Emote6.png/Emote7.png/Emote8.png/Emote9.png)
Enter Open Chat
T Public Chat
Y Team Chat
Tab Scoreboard

See players and K/D

Home Command console
F1 Toggle help
F4 Take a screenshot (saved in KAG folder /screenshots)
F6 Toggles interface (hides GUI including chat and emotes)

See also