Thick Rock

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If you're looking for the stone resource used by the builder, click here.

This page might not be up-to-date (build 360).
Thick Rock
Thickrockblock1.png Thickrockblock2.png
Breaking yields 36 RockItemMini.png (6 per hit)
Hits to break 6 hits, then becomes Rock 16px.png
(with 5 hits instead of 6)

Thick rock is one of the natural blocks. It can be mined by builders, providing 6 stone resource per hit, or broken by knights. After 6 hits, the block turns into slightly damaged rock, which yields 4 stone for up to 5 hits (opposed to 6 hits if you mine a natural rock). The whole block of thick stone (including the slightly damaged rock) provides 56 stone.