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Production cost 100 RockItemMini.png + 25 Coin 16px.png(CTF), 100 RockItemMini.png (TTH)
Hits to break 8
Used by Builder
Pickup Everyone: Manual pickup
Produced BuilderShop.png (CTF)

Workbench.png (TTH)

Function Collect Stone and Gold Quickly; Break through Blocks
Hold [LeftMouse] to turn on

The drill is a tool used by players for quick destruction of blocks, either for mining resources, digging tunnels, or destroying enemy structures. You can create one in CTF for 25 coins and 100 stone from a builders workshop. In TTH you can build one for only 100 stone, but you need a drill scroll to unlock the technology(requires 60 gold to buy from the trader).


Drills can only be used by the builder class. They have many purposes and excel mostly for man-made block destruction and combat in tight spaces. Drills can be put into your inventory, and they will take up one slot. Drills can actually mine any block a pickaxe can, even wood logs and trees. Drills can overheat if used for too long, when this happens it will turn orange and then smoke shortly after. Certain things things will make the drill overheat much faster then others. If you continue to use it the drill will damage you for for a quarter heart. It will continue to damage you every time you pick it up until it cools off. The drill will cool off overtime, and there are ways to speed the process up. You can drill continuously while using the tool in water.


  • When the drill is over-heating (it looks orange-red) it will actually do two hearts worth of damage instead of one.
  • Any form of water will cool a drill. This includes Water Bombs and Water Arrows.
  • The drill goes through a knight's shield.
  • The drill mines 50% resources that a pickaxe does.