Builder Shop

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This page might not be up-to-date (build 1830).
Builder Shop
Construction cost 50 WoodMini.png
Upgraded from Workshop
Function Create Useful Builder Tools

The Builder Shop is one of several types of workshops a player can upgrade an empty workshop into. It can be used by all classes to construct many cheap material objects. The successful upgrade generates a sound cue and adds a large set of tools for all classes to use.

How to Build and Use

To build, stand in front of a Workshop, press and hold [E], then choose the 'Builder Shop'.

To create an item, press [E], and select the item you wish to make. If the the object you want is greyed out, you do not have the required resources needed to create that item. You can check for which item you are missing by looking at your inventory and that of which is needed to create the object.

Builder Shop Items

Image Item Name Use Price
LanternPart.png Lantern Light up the Dark Areas 10 WoodMini.png
BucketIcon.png Bucket Put out Fires 10 WoodMini.png
Sponge.png Sponge Removes Excess water 50 WoodMini.png
Boulder.png Boulder Crush Walls and Troops 35 RockItemMini.png
TrampolineIcon.png Trampoline Bypass Tall Towers 150 WoodMini.png
SawIcon.png Saw Faster Way of Collecting Wood 150 WoodMini.png 100 RockItemMini.png
DrillIcon.png Drill Faster Way to Collect Stone 100 RockItemMini.png 25Coin 32px.png