Wooden Platform

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Wooden Platform
Cost per block 15 WoodMini.png
Breaking yields 0 WoodMini.png
Hits to break 9 hits

The Wooden Platform is a buildable block that allows movement in one direction.


The platform can be utilized in the flagroom to stop tunnelers. An advantage that the platform has over other blocks is that it takes longer to break. Other options for the flagroom include an over-hang in front of your tower to stop archers or bomb-jumping knights and making archer nests for your own team.


  • Platforms start out with wood backwall and it is a good idea to convert it to stone, if possible, to stop fire from spreading.
  • The Platform block can be spike dropped off of but it cannot be spike-dropped through.
  • The Platform is very durable against most explosives(all except bomb arrows).
  • Some builders spam platforms against enemy structures so their team's knights can scale the enemy's fortifications faster.
  • Builders cannot place blocks when they are inside platforms.