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Image Name Construction cost Upgraded from Function
Workshop.PNG Workshop 150 WoodMini.png - Generic wooden shop structure - used to create specific Workshops
BuilderShop.png Builder Shop 50 WoodMini.png Workshop Create Useful Builder Tools
Quarters.png Quarters 50 WoodMini.png Workshop Heals
KnightShop.png Knight Shop 50 WoodMini.png Workshop Buy Explosives
ArcherShop.png Archer Shop 50 WoodMini.png Workshop Buy Special Arrows
VehicleShop.png Vehicle Shop 100 WoodMini.png + 50 GoldItemMini.png Workshop Create Siege Weapons
BoatShop.png Boat Shop 100 WoodMini.png + 50 GoldItemMini.png Workshop Create Ships
Tunnel.png Tunnel 100 RockItemMini.png + 50 WoodMini.png + 50 GoldItemMini.png Workshop Move quickly between other tunnels
Storage.png Storage 50 WoodMini.png + 50 RockItemMini.png Workshop Store items, resources, small animals, and dead players (live players cannot be stored)
Quarry.png Quarry 150 RockItemMini.png + 100 GoldItemMini.png Workshop Generates stone when fueled with wood


  • Workshops (commonly referred to as "shops," since nearly all of their products cost coins), take up 3x5 tiles in space.
  • When building Workshops, as a builder (tap on the :insert-picture-here: button), the game will check to see if the space is available around them before creating it right where the player is standing (There must be no blocks, spikes, doors, shops, vehicles/boats, and/or game mode structures such as Halls and flag stands/spawns in the area where the Workshop is to be built - if there is, then it won't build it, instead showing red in the area where the shop could be built if there weren't any obstructing objects).
  • Workshops create wooden background "behind" the shop (except in the cases for stone shops, which create stone or castle background). They always create a single 1x1 hole in ALL background tiles (including its own, depending on how you think about it), excluding the indestructible mossy dirt background tile. You can not always see the said hole (i.e. in the case of stone workshops), but it is there (luckily, you can still place wooden or stone background in the gap).
  • While nearly all workshops are wooden (including the generic Workshop), the Tunnel and Storage structures are stone (Also, they have stone backing).
  • It is possible, in the case of wooden workshops, to have all of its background tiles burnt (the only way one can remove its backing without destroying the shop) while having the workshop still alive and usable.