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This page might not be up-to-date (build 1865).
Construction cost 100 RockItemMini.png + 50 WoodMini.png + 50 GoldItemMini.png
Upgraded from Workshop
Function Move quickly between other tunnels

The Tunnel is a building that allows teams to travel quickly across the map to another tunnel. For this reason, two tunnels must be built by the same team in order for this building to function. Traveling between tunnels is determined by their location in relation to each other, the player choosing to either move "left" or "right", and moving to the nearest tunnel in that direction. More than two tunnels can be connected, but this will make the tunnel act more like a waypoint.


Stand in front of a Workshop, press and hold the [E] key, then choose the Tunnel.

To travel in a direction, press [E], and select the arrow in whatever way you want to go. If more than two tunnels are connected, the arrow farthest from the center of the screen, represents the farther tunnel.


  • A tunnel can be destroyed from the corner, behind solid blocks, by the builder because of pickaxe targeting.