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This page is in line with the latest build 2536.
Dirtblock1.png Dirtblock2.png Dirtblock3.png Dirtblock4.png Dirtblock5.png Dirtblock6.png Dirtblock7.png
Breaking yields Nothing
Hits to break 4 hits

Dirt Wall
Hits to break Indestructible

Dirt is one of the natural blocks of the game. It has low durability, breaking after four hits, and drops no resources when mined.

Bombs will do damage to dirt, doing damage equal to one "hit". Kegs do much more damage, naturally, between 1-3 "hits" depending on the proximity dirt. Destroying dirt leaves behind an indestructible dirt wall similar to the stone backwall. Both dirt and dirt walls add stability and support to fortifications.


Dirt blocks that appear at the surface of a map normally have grass growing both on the block and above it. Grass on the block is purely decorative and does not change the block at all. The grass above can be used as cover to hide a crouching archer. Grass has three levels of height, and will naturally grow over time. Knights can cut grass by jabbing or slashing the block with grass over it, builders can mine it like any other block to remove the grass, and archers can set it on fire using fire arrows.