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In King Arthur's Gold there is a long range of blocks. These can be broken or mined by builders -- bedrock and dirt backwall are exceptions. Knights can destroy some of the blocks with their swords (principally wood and dirt). Both Knights and Archers can use their explosives to destroy blocks -- Dirt can't be destroyed by explosives, only damaged. All blocks are affected by gravity, except bedrock and without proper support they collapse.

Natural blocks

Image Block name One block yields Hits to break
Bedrockblock6.png Bedrock Nothing Can not be broken
Dirtblock7.png Dirt Nothing 4 hits
Goldrockblock6.png Gold Nugget 20 GoldItemMini.png (4 per hit) 5 hits
Rockblock2.png Rock 24 RockItemMini.png (4 per hit) 6 hits
Thickrockblock1.png Thick Rock 36 RockItemMini.png (6 per hit) 6 hits, then becomes Rock 16px.png
(with 5 hits instead of 6)

Buildable blocks (By Default)

Image Block name Building of one block costs One block yields Hits to break
Ladder.png Ladder 10 WoodMini.png 0 WoodMini.png 3 hit
Stoneblock1.png Stone Block 10 RockItemMini.png 7 RockItemMini.png (1 per hit) 7 hits
CastleBackblock1.png Back Stone Wall 2 RockItemMini.png 0 RockItemMini.png 5 hits
Door2.png Stone Door 50RockItemMini.png 25(5 per hit)RockItemMini.png 5 hits
Door.png Wooden Door 30 WoodMini.png 20(5 per hit) WoodMini.png 4 hits
Spikes.png Spikes 30 RockItemMini.png 0 RockItemMini.png 2 hits
WoodenWall1.png Wood Block 10 WoodMini.png 5 WoodMini.png (1 per hit) 5 hits
WoodenBackWall1.png Back Wood Wall 2 WoodMini.png 0 WoodMini.png 2 hits
WoodenPlatform1.png Wooden Platform 15 WoodMini.png 0 WoodMini.png 9 hits
TrapBlock.png Trap Block 25 RockItemMini.png 10 RockItemMini.png 10 hits


A collapsing structure.
(In motion.)

A structure collapses if no connection to a stable block is existent. Everything that is not connected will fall down and damage blocks that get hit. Different blocks have different "weight" and normally fall down in a straight line (with slight variation)

Stone blocks will destroy most other blocks (except stone and doors) immediately on impact. Players getting hit by falling stone blocks take damage or even get killed.

"Light" blocks such as Ladders and the back walls will have less devastating effects. They won't kill players or damage most other blocks. Ladders normally get destroyed by any other block falling on them.


Support is the attribute of some blocks to have other blocks placed upon them. A block can only be placed if there is an adjacent block that has the "support" attribute. Most blocks give support. Ladders will only support other ladders (maximum of 2 horizontally). Support normally works in any direction, as long as the placed block is connected to the supporting block. Unsupported blocks can't be placed. Solid blocks always add support.


Stability is the attribute of some blocks to "hold up" a structure. If there is only one block holding up a structure, and it is not "stable", the structure will collapse.

Most blocks in the game are stable, including ladders. This can be confusing, as not every stable block adds support. A good example for this are ladders, which will add stability but no support, except for other ladders.

There are also some blocks that are solid, which means they will stay in the air and act as a "base" to build other blocks on them. Solid blocks are for example dirt, rock and thick rock. Basically what the ground is made up of in a normal match.

You need to create structures of stable blocks connected to at least one solid block. Destroying the "link" to the solid block will make the structure collapse.


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