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This page might not be up-to-date (build 1830).
Heart 32px.png
Used by Everyone
Pickup Everyone while hurt: Auto
Everyone while not hurt: Manual pickup
Produced Killing units

The Heart is an object dropped by slain players.


The heart heals a player for one heart. If you are not damaged the heart will not be used automatically, but will remain to lie where it is. You can manually pick up a heart lying on the ground by pressing [C]. You can store the heart in your backpack, by pressing [F] when a free compartment is available.


  • Note that the carried heart will not heal yourself automatically once you get hit, but only if you manually release it.
  • Players can also pick up hearts and throw them to people who need them.
  • Another trick is to pick up hearts in the front and throw them back, to prevent your opponents from 'eating' them and regaining health, but this also prevents your frontline fighters from doing so.
  • Dropped hearts despawn after some time.
  • Hearts can even despawn while in a player's inventory.