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A blue knight surrounded by gibs

A gib, short for giblet, is a classic videogame term for a chunk of gore from a character, NPC, or mob that has been comically blown into bits by an explosion or projectile.

In KAG, several gibs will fly off a character when he is hit or killed, especially by a bomb. The resulting giblets can collide with other objects in the game, but it does not affect gameplay apart from possibly obstructing the view. When a player is killed by a thrown bomb, the death counter at the right top of your KAG screen shows

[Player name] Bomb 16px.png [Player name]

The word "gib" is used as a verb here, meaning "to reduce one to giblets."

The "gibs" are also produced when an item is destroyed, or a structure like a workbench or factory is destroyed; the broken pieces they release are also considered gibs.