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Production cost 150 WoodMini.png + 100 RockItemMini.png (CTF), 150 WoodMini.png (TTH)
Hits to break 20
Used by All Classes
Pickup Everyone: Manual pickup
Produced BuilderShop.png (CTF)

Workbench.png (TTH)

Function Quickly converts logs into wood; kills players who fall into it.
Holding [E]:
Turn Saw On/Off

The saw is used to turn logs into wood and is far faster than traditional methods. It also make a very effective trap due to the fact that falling into a saw is instant death.


The saw can be effectively utilized as both a trap and an extremely efficient wood gathering tool. Logs can be thrown at the saw to instantly turn them into wood, however, the more effective method is to make a tree farm. To make a tree farm first put the saw at the base of a tree, then put wooden blocks either side of the tree's trunk. On felling, this will cause the tree to break up almost instantly into logs and fall into the saw. One saw can accommodate two trees. Once felled trees drop a seed which can be used to relocate the tree to a more convenient position.

As a trap the saw is best used in a pit covered by trap blocks. This may be inapplicable in some circumstances as the saw requires a three by two pit to be dug.


  • If a friendly player is unfortunate enough to fall into the saw, it will automatically deactivate. Enemy players aren't so lucky.
  • The saw will consume arrows fired by enemy archers.
  • The saw sets off bombs and takes damage from said bombs.
  • The saw can only be picked up by the enemy when they are underneath it.
  • A player holding a saw can throw it up to insta-kill anyone above them, if the saw connects.
  • A saw can be placed in platforms but might turn glitchy. This is also a viable use for the treefarm to stop players from stealing the saw. Players cannot pick up objects that are inside platforms.